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global teams that work harvard business review - however geographically dispersed teams face a big challenge physical separation and cultural differences can create social distance or a lack of emotional connection that leads to misunderstandings and mistrust to help global team leaders manage effectively the author shares her split framework for mitigating social distance, leading global teams sciencedirect - the literature on global team leadership is far from abundant but when reviewing recent work on virtual team leadership multicultural team leadership and the team leader we could clearly identify three emerging themes that are highly relevant for future research on leading global teams see fig 1 for a graphical illustration of the literature review and the emerging themes, leading global teams agile alliance - software development for most enterprises is a global operation the agile movement got its start with small collocated teams sometimes we have that luxury but more frequently teams are distributed and often distributed across multiple locations and time zones, leading global teams do you know what it takes - dr margery mayer author of the book the virtual edge embracing technology for distributed project team success on leading global teams, managing global and distributed teams training pack - a powerpoint slide set a script and a tips book for organizations that want to get better at managing global and distributed teams, guide to leading and managing distributed teams - in our global networked world it is increasingly common to have distributed teams in a distributed team members work from different locations the locations may be offices co working spaces or private homes in a distributed organization you cannot depend on in office management you must create, 10 key lessons on leading virtual teams effectively - 10 key lessons on leading virtual teams effectively when team is distributed leadership responsibilities should also be members exhibit a global mindset, 76 virtual companies and distributed teams flexjobs - whether you call them virtual companies distributed teams telecommuters or plain old people who work from home the companies on this list are embracing the idea that company culture effectiveness and productivity can not only survive but thrive outside a traditional office environment